What I hate most about texting….

I hate when people don’t text back.
So your last message is left hanging
Begging to be responded
While the time slowly gathers
And you’re staring at the phone screen
Thinking do even care about me?
Cause the reply never came

❤ thebelovedworld



I really love the Korean artist K.Will. The videos are just superb. 

❤ thebelovedworld

The Rains Had Finally Come: Sven Birkerts on Writing

This is so true!
Also shout out to the NaNoWriMo folks – Happy Writing!

The Daily Post

For the writers out there who’ve struggled with writer’s block, or whose wells are currently dry, I invite you to read Sven Birkerts’ Aeon essay on how it feels when the tide comes back in. He captures this moment, while sitting on a bench by a lake in Central Park in New York City:

All of a sudden, I found myself wanting to write sentences again and, when I did, it felt to me like the rains had finally come, stirring up life in the dry land. I don’t know if I even shifted in my place, but whatever it was has since brought something back that had gone missing. The time hasn’t been that long, really, but by what clock? What decides long? The clock of days or the clock of the inside life? How long can a person feel unconnected and not feel that it’s too long? Writing…

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Words cannot express how I feel

I will try to tell you what I mean

But it will fall flat to your ears

Take this for what is sounds like:

Don’t talk to me

You’re existence means nothing

Right now to me


Blank face blank stare

I’m not looking at you or your being

Past those blobs of human lives

I watch my life walk towards the edge

And fall off

I would try to catch the falling figure

But I stay still like God

Unhelping and Unreal

Watch as I lose myself to myself


I want to feel nothing

Blank as the atoms hit Absolute Zero

Mean I will be

Or is it simply uncaring

The cold indifference is scarier than

Anger, hate, and mean

Everyone else’s voices will burn

Along with the demons I live with

We’ll be dancing on top of the corpses

Eating despair and confusion for dinner

❤ thebelovedworld

Poster Reflection

I created a poster for a Traveling Company. It was challenging experience working with Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign as I did not have previous experience with them prior to taking the Digital Tools and Design class. My completed poster is something I feel proud about though because of these challenges. 

Here is the final completion of the Travel Poster, the theme being Imperial China:


The beginning of this poster had a lot to do with what concept I was going to use for the representation of Imperial China, Tibet, and the Yangtze River. For my poster, I wanted the Imperial part of the title to resonate with the audience. I decided on the concept of Power for the poster. After that I needed to research what was considered powerful to the Chinese culture. This was the first process of creating the poster. 

I researched the iconic buildings of China and the places that the travel company will be visiting. I picked the Forbidden Palace because I have actually been there. Then I studied the colors and symbols that was considered powerful in the culture. Yellow and blue were a strong indicator for power because those were the two primary color the emperor wore. Red was also a good color as well because it was considered lucky by the Chinese. Green was another good color because is is the Earth color for that culture. So after researching the colors, I determined my color palette for the poster. 

Next I had to pick what went with the Forbidden City image. I placed that building in the middle for statement and because it draws attention. This decision in the composition was important to emulate powerfulness in the poster. I first created a yellow and blue dragon because that was associated with the emperor. However the composition was too busy; the colors conflicted too much. That draft was thrown out. Here I was stuck on what to do next because the Forbidden palace itself was just lacking; it couldn’t just be the palace and the text. My first draft was a bust. 

I was back to square one. So I researched meaningful symbols, and then I remembered that swirly clouds were linked to heaven. And heaven was linked with gods and emperors. I went back to the palace and added shapes that brought out the style of the imperial Chinese culture. I added the swirls and the poster had more elements without being to crowding. 

For the type, I experimented on Illustrator then chose the most fitting one. I added the circle icon between the text to give more space between the imperial china and the rest of the text. It helped pronounce the Imperial China part. I worked on the spacing of the text and congratulated myself on a job well done. 

The poster took a long time, and I will never look at another poster the same again. Even if it looks simple, so much thought and artistic elements went into the poster. I will forever look at the posters and think of the layers, the type, and the programs that could have been used to fabricate the posters. I appreciate every poster now with more of analytic mind instead of just the simple likeness of the art. 

❤ thebelovedworld

Photoshop Lesson

Hello class!

On October 22nd, I am going to show you all how to heal asymmetrical image or section of a photo. It’s useful for big sections that you want to replicate and place onto the faulty side of the image. This is harder to do than healing spot brush tool, which takes the pixels from a near source and replicate those pixels, but regular healing brush tool a lot more useful for bigger imperfections. Below is an example where the person in the front has mismatched eyes. To fix her lazy eyes in the picture and make it symmetrical, I would use photoshop.

Lazy eye


Step 1: 

Open up the Image. Make a new layer and label it so correction. Then you are to activate the Healing brush tool. After that, you are to click on the source image (the correct eye) by holding down the SHIFT button. 

Step 2:

After you have clicked on the source image, adjust the preview of image with the bracket buttons. This allows you to expand or lessen the amount of cloned image pixels you are using. Notice that the eye is not horizontal to mirror the correct eye. To change this, go to WINDOW and click on the CLONE SOURCE option. This allows you to now click the horizontal button and flip the eye. 

Step 3:

The cloned eye can be toned down in OPACITY in the Clone Source window to allow you to see where you are placing the new eye over the imperfect eye. You can fiddle around with the angle of the eye to match the Source image. After everything is in place, change the opacity so that the eye can be seen over the imperfect image and click where you want the eye.

Step 4:

You’re almost done. Make sure the lighting of the new image fits well with the new cloned eye. If not, then you have to adjust the settings on the picture. If the cloned image messes up the original, then use more healing effects to neaten up the picture. 

Realise that this Healing Brush Technique can be used for anything asymmetrical, disfigured, missing half of something, or even using two photos to combine a whole face. Don’t limit yourself because this is a very versatile technique. 

❤ thebelovedworld

10 Things To Do Alone On A Friday Night, In Order Of How Depressing They Are

Well… then.

Thought Catalog

From least to most depressing.

1. Drink an entire six pack and an entire pizza

In the words of someone on the Tumblr “LOL” tag, “any pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard and believe in yourself.”

2. Read your high school journal

You know, the entries where you thought your 20’s were gonna be “so awesome” and you’d be taking shots and meeting hot guys/girls every night while simultaneously climbing the ranks in a Devil Wears Prada type high-powered but entry level job.

3. Clean

Clean your entire house and wash your sheets. Make meals for the week ahead. Figure this is a Sunday kind of activity but you are an overachiever. Lay awake in bed and wonder if this is why you’re alone.

4. Plan a fun activity with friends

Become depressed and angry when your friends flake out one by one. Consider following through with…

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I love K-dramas. It’s a big hobby of mine. I loved the last drama I watched because of the cute romance and the supernatural qualities. It was called the Master’s Sun. If anyone out there wants to watch it, you can find it on Viki.com~! 

❤ thebelovedworld