There are some nightmares that you never escape from

You may be awake, but the haunting still clings to the back of your mind

The images are forever ingrained and tattooed

Do you ever feel the way I do?

Is there anyone out there who wakes up crying

Because of the betrayal in a dream within a dream

Where the ones you loved most shot you in the lungs

And you couldn’t breathe

You were drowning in the sorrow of hurt

The buildup of your tears and tight throat had you breathless

As you tried to catch the remaining parts of yourself

…That you cry yourself awake, begging for someone to be there

Only to turn that head

and find no one

Do you feel like a heartless machine on those days when the nightmares still haunt in the sun instead of the moon?

Where you are only breathing and doing because the mechanics in a human allow you to?

I know I do when the nightmare buries itself onto my shoulders and stays

And it won’t let me go

❤ thebelovedworld


What I hate most about texting….

I hate when people don’t text back.
So your last message is left hanging
Begging to be responded
While the time slowly gathers
And you’re staring at the phone screen
Thinking do even care about me?
Cause the reply never came

❤ thebelovedworld


Words cannot express how I feel

I will try to tell you what I mean

But it will fall flat to your ears

Take this for what is sounds like:

Don’t talk to me

You’re existence means nothing

Right now to me


Blank face blank stare

I’m not looking at you or your being

Past those blobs of human lives

I watch my life walk towards the edge

And fall off

I would try to catch the falling figure

But I stay still like God

Unhelping and Unreal

Watch as I lose myself to myself


I want to feel nothing

Blank as the atoms hit Absolute Zero

Mean I will be

Or is it simply uncaring

The cold indifference is scarier than

Anger, hate, and mean

Everyone else’s voices will burn

Along with the demons I live with

We’ll be dancing on top of the corpses

Eating despair and confusion for dinner

❤ thebelovedworld