I am the writer of ❤ thebelovedworld. I use this blog for my Digital Art Tools class. I can post anything I want with the addition of the required post my professor assigns. So this post will be a lot about Art and Life. I like cute and funny things so there will be a lot of posts about that.

A Short Bio:

I am female, age 20, living in the New England area. I have many artistic interests such as drawing, painting, and writing. I write poetry and fiction in my spare time. I draw portraits mostly, and I paint elements of nature. My painting style is impressionistic and pointillistic usually. I also love learning languages. I know about 3 years of Latin, 3 years of French, and one semester of Spanish. I hope to travel around the world when I finish with a Linguistic Degree and a communication minor. I want to be able to teach languages and English as a second language. I have lots of aspirations. 🙂 





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