Self Promotional Reflections

For Art class


I had to collect all the data to prepare for my resume. I made a word document of all the places Iíve worked. Then I made a statement summary, skills, and education paragraph. Originally I had references in my resume. This was taken out when I was told that references arenít put into resumes. My resume had a logo on it that was

taken out because it was too distracting. I added a line between my contact info and the resume to divide the information. This was good, but I still needed to change my blocking of my information. It read like a book with long lines to the other side of the page. I made two columns to combat this. This made the resume more readable and gave a lot more room for future information. I liked my resume because it reflected me while being professional.

Business Card:

I made this with some clipart from the web – open source images. I put them together on the 3.2 inch x 2 inch rectangle and wrote down my contact information. I added a quote to my world picture to make a statement that hopefully gets the

potentional employers attention. It also makes a statement about who I am as a

person. My first quote was too harsh, so my second attempt at a business card had a different, friendlier quote.

Folded Promotional Pamphlet:

I created this piece with a 3D dimension to it because it makes it interesting. I was inspired by the website. I watched one of their videos about a complicated fold. I deemed it too complicated and thus simplified it to what it is

currently. I put a quote on the outside to attract people to reading the inside of the paper. I made it orange because it catches the eye and because I like that color. I wanted to make a piece that was me through and through that will attract potential employers. The information inside it is currently a filler because I have not gained those skills yet, but they serve as reminders of my future goals. I didnít really have to make any changes on the folded pamphlet. All I did was played around with the size of the pamphlet. It is 12 x 5 inches, but I made the one in the process book smaller because it is easier to view.

❤ thebelovedworld


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