People around me are dying
I am not uncaring
Death has desensitizated my feelings
I am dissociative of the reality
The old don’t get older
They die instead
I am there to see their passing when they do
My job is to ease the dying souls
I see it all the time
To watch the dying is worse than facing death


Self Promotional Reflections

For Art class


I had to collect all the data to prepare for my resume. I made a word document of all the places Iíve worked. Then I made a statement summary, skills, and education paragraph. Originally I had references in my resume. This was taken out when I was told that references arenít put into resumes. My resume had a logo on it that was

taken out because it was too distracting. I added a line between my contact info and the resume to divide the information. This was good, but I still needed to change my blocking of my information. It read like a book with long lines to the other side of the page. I made two columns to combat this. This made the resume more readable and gave a lot more room for future information. I liked my resume because it reflected me while being professional.

Business Card:

I made this with some clipart from the web – open source images. I put them together on the 3.2 inch x 2 inch rectangle and wrote down my contact information. I added a quote to my world picture to make a statement that hopefully gets the

potentional employers attention. It also makes a statement about who I am as a

person. My first quote was too harsh, so my second attempt at a business card had a different, friendlier quote.

Folded Promotional Pamphlet:

I created this piece with a 3D dimension to it because it makes it interesting. I was inspired by the foldfactory.com website. I watched one of their videos about a complicated fold. I deemed it too complicated and thus simplified it to what it is

currently. I put a quote on the outside to attract people to reading the inside of the paper. I made it orange because it catches the eye and because I like that color. I wanted to make a piece that was me through and through that will attract potential employers. The information inside it is currently a filler because I have not gained those skills yet, but they serve as reminders of my future goals. I didnít really have to make any changes on the folded pamphlet. All I did was played around with the size of the pamphlet. It is 12 x 5 inches, but I made the one in the process book smaller because it is easier to view.

❤ thebelovedworld

Self Portrait Reflection



This is something I had to make for my Digital Art Class.

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Step One:

First I came up with a concept for my self portrait. It is something that is going to represent me. I created the some art based on my concept of Self Discovery. The road to Self Discovery can be grueling and difficult because you tear yourself down and then build yourself up again. I have gone through parts of my life where I redesigned the whole concept of me… I went through a lot of painful experiences. I had to build a stronger me each time I broke apart from bullies, tragedies, and hurt. I wanted to come out better and sinfully kind so the mean people could not touch me. The 12 art pieces hopefully reflect my intent. I put the pictures side by side because one is the self-destruction and the other art piece is the recreation of oneself. I think my self portrait is also very relatable because everyone goes through a self-discovery phrase.

Step Two:

Then I had to design and make the pieces for each representation. The upper left picture was made with Illustrator and Photoshop. I created the words in Illustrator and the person in Photoshop. The words spoke out to me because people die in this world without saying all the things they truly wanted to say. That to me says that you might want to change to someone who can say – or sing what you need to before you die. So each piece of art was crafted based on a central theme but has a different story to tell as well. It would take too long to explain each piece so I will let the audience infer the meaning behind each images.

Step Three:

These 12 pieces of art are combined to make a folded hanging piece. So I had to make the decisions about what descending order the pieces needed to be. I went with the beginning of the self-discovery, and the darker, harder elements at the bottom.

During this decision making time, I faced the challenge of blending in the photographs of the trees and leaves with the painting mediums. I played around with the effects of each photos to make them more surreal and painting like. While, I passed this challenge, my biggest regret with this artwork collection is that it’s too busy. I have so much going on in this collection that when they are folded into a hanging piece it’s distracting. If I had the time, I would make some of the photos less crazy and turn into simplistic ones instead so that the overall self-portrait wouldn’t look so chaotic. These pieces deserves more coverage and attention then being side flaps and cut off. An art book would have been a better way to show off these self-representations.

In conclusion, I liked the art project because of the amount of freedom I had to create each pieces. I faced some challenges that I fixed and came upon areas I could work more on. Even if I didn’t create the perfect self-portrait, I love this piece because it’s so raw and true to the process of self-concept.

❤ thebelovedworld


There are some nightmares that you never escape from

You may be awake, but the haunting still clings to the back of your mind

The images are forever ingrained and tattooed

Do you ever feel the way I do?

Is there anyone out there who wakes up crying

Because of the betrayal in a dream within a dream

Where the ones you loved most shot you in the lungs

And you couldn’t breathe

You were drowning in the sorrow of hurt

The buildup of your tears and tight throat had you breathless

As you tried to catch the remaining parts of yourself

…That you cry yourself awake, begging for someone to be there

Only to turn that head

and find no one

Do you feel like a heartless machine on those days when the nightmares still haunt in the sun instead of the moon?

Where you are only breathing and doing because the mechanics in a human allow you to?

I know I do when the nightmare buries itself onto my shoulders and stays

And it won’t let me go

❤ thebelovedworld