Words cannot express how I feel

I will try to tell you what I mean

But it will fall flat to your ears

Take this for what is sounds like:

Don’t talk to me

You’re existence means nothing

Right now to me


Blank face blank stare

I’m not looking at you or your being

Past those blobs of human lives

I watch my life walk towards the edge

And fall off

I would try to catch the falling figure

But I stay still like God

Unhelping and Unreal

Watch as I lose myself to myself


I want to feel nothing

Blank as the atoms hit Absolute Zero

Mean I will be

Or is it simply uncaring

The cold indifference is scarier than

Anger, hate, and mean

Everyone else’s voices will burn

Along with the demons I live with

We’ll be dancing on top of the corpses

Eating despair and confusion for dinner

❤ thebelovedworld


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