Photoshop Lesson

Hello class!

On October 22nd, I am going to show you all how to heal asymmetrical image or section of a photo. It’s useful for big sections that you want to replicate and place onto the faulty side of the image. This is harder to do than healing spot brush tool, which takes the pixels from a near source and replicate those pixels, but regular healing brush tool a lot more useful for bigger imperfections. Below is an example where the person in the front has mismatched eyes. To fix her lazy eyes in the picture and make it symmetrical, I would use photoshop.

Lazy eye


Step 1: 

Open up the Image. Make a new layer and label it so correction. Then you are to activate the Healing brush tool. After that, you are to click on the source image (the correct eye) by holding down the SHIFT button. 

Step 2:

After you have clicked on the source image, adjust the preview of image with the bracket buttons. This allows you to expand or lessen the amount of cloned image pixels you are using. Notice that the eye is not horizontal to mirror the correct eye. To change this, go to WINDOW and click on the CLONE SOURCE option. This allows you to now click the horizontal button and flip the eye. 

Step 3:

The cloned eye can be toned down in OPACITY in the Clone Source window to allow you to see where you are placing the new eye over the imperfect eye. You can fiddle around with the angle of the eye to match the Source image. After everything is in place, change the opacity so that the eye can be seen over the imperfect image and click where you want the eye.

Step 4:

You’re almost done. Make sure the lighting of the new image fits well with the new cloned eye. If not, then you have to adjust the settings on the picture. If the cloned image messes up the original, then use more healing effects to neaten up the picture. 

Realise that this Healing Brush Technique can be used for anything asymmetrical, disfigured, missing half of something, or even using two photos to combine a whole face. Don’t limit yourself because this is a very versatile technique. 

❤ thebelovedworld


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